The Poets of Caterwaul

The Poets of Caterwaul

Reality TV's sexiest folk duo!

24 June, 2010

27 May, 2010

Hey folks,

I re-designed our music page, there’s a stack of 10+ pages now that feed into it. This allows everyone to click less and get more. I’m using a great JSON API for WordPress and some AJAX (I prefer Prototype). The JavaScript-less who may visit our site can click through the pages just fine.

As a consequence of this improvement, there’s more room for more data on our albums. Hooray! You can click through and read lyrics while music is playing. There are also compact sections with album credits and links for purchase. (Sorry, Short Fiction is still out of print.)

Holler if you have a problem.

22 May, 2010

Check out the new video page! It has new videos on it!

9 May, 2010

I just listened to the new album straight through for the first time in quite some time… An it IS good! My sense of self-worth is through the roof! “St Sophia,” in particular, demands a good listen through headphones with the volume cranked up. Don’t hurt yourself!

28 April, 2010

Stay Tuned for the forthcoming video for “The Five Year Plan…” Are they still called videos? That seems so antiquated these days…

22 April, 2010


Photos and Music pages have stuff on them!

Visit our music page to stream our new album!

Visit our photos page to laugh at our photos!

that is all

18 April, 2010

So, Greg and I recorded another album! We spent more time on it, but it’s shorter than Short Fiction. I guess you could call it “Shorter Fiction” but that’d be kind of a short shrift. We’d like to think that this new album has an excellent sound. Please let us know if you disagree. We won’t give you a refund but we’ll probably laugh at you or ourselves.

Yes, you can purchase this one. Get it at CDBaby, for now, and other places in the future.

We’ll flesh out this site more soon, adding photos, more music options and information, and probably some more words here and there.

Come back and allow us to test your patience!

18 April, 2010

Welcome to our new website.  If you liked the old one, you’ll love this one slightly less….

We have a new album out! It’s available as an MP3 download in many places.

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